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The reality is that most weddings are planned by the bride. After the proposal, the groom's role is usually to help make his bride's dream wedding become a reality. Though the groom may get some say here and there—the wedding is really the bride's domain.

The proposal, however, is the one thing the guy gets to plan and implement. It is the one thing that will set the tone for the wedding, and more importantly, it is the starting point of your lives as husband and wife.

We are a company dedicated to service. We have been founded on the mission of complete customer care and total client respect. There is no substitute for class, and that is what we pride ourselves on having. Whether you want to be discrete about using our services or open, it matters not to us for we can accommodate both. What matters the most to us is helping you come up with your future bride's perfect proposal and allowing you to ask for her hand in marriage stress-free.

This is where Your Hand in Marriage shines—eliminating all unnecessary stressors of proposing. We can take care of it all. Our greatest strength is our ability to implement your vision to its fullest potential. If so desired, we are a full-service, proposal company. That means that, not only are we there with you during the planning, but we are there with you until you hear "Yes! I will marry you." We love to be behind-the-scenes, making sure everything is going according to your plan.

We are here to make sure your proposal happens the way you want it to. Don't stress about all that may go into your proposal. Your only focus on that day should be each other— not the dinner reservations, weather, decorations, privacy, etc.

Let us do your worrying while you ask for her hand in marriage.


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